Cruisin' Ocean City

Ocean City Maryland
October 22-24, 2021

FREE FAMILY FUN returns to Ocean City Maryland to celebrate the 10th annual O.C.Toberfest, October 22-23-24, 2021!


HALLOWEEN BEACH MAZE – Located at North Division Street and the Boardwalk

Come experience the thrill of a giant Halloween Beach Maze, October 22-24.  Children of all ages, can enjoy a pleasant scream as they meander the sands of the giant, bigger and better beach maze! Wicked witches, pirates of the sand, scary scarecrows, ghouls in the graveyard, creepy clowns, zombies and more will add to the excitement. Hours are 10am to 5pm on Friday and Saturday, and 10am to 3pm on Sunday. Admission is free of charge.

HOWL-O-WEEN PET PARADE – Located at North Division Street on the Boardwalk

Bring your dog, cat, bird, horse, pig, chicken, hermit crab, gold fish or other family pet for Ocean City’s “Howl-O-Ween Pet Parade”, October 23rd on the boardwalk near North Division Street.  Dress up your pets and showcase your creativity on Ocean City’s historic Boardwalk or sit back, relax and cheer for your favorite contestant. Each entry gets their moment in the spotlight. Lots of prizes and surprises will be awarded.  While the event is free to participate, donations of pet supplies and monetary donations will be collected to benefit the Worcester County Humane Society. Registration begins at 12noon with the pageant on the boardwalk beginning promptly at 1pm.


OC JEEP CLUB’S DRIVE IN DISGUISE – from 26th Street south to the amusement pier and Inlet Parking Lot

Residents and visitors who are crazy about decorating for Halloween are invited to dress their Jeeps or other vehicle in costume and ride down the Boardwalk during the annual Drive in Disguise parade on Saturday, October 23rd hosted by the Ocean City Jeep Club. Participants register in advance through the Ocean City Special Events Department online and arrive at 26th Street and Baltimore Avenue by 2:45pm to stage for a 3:00pm departure at 26th Street on the historic Boardwalk. Vehicles will parade southward to the amusement pier area where participating cars will be positioned in the Inlet Parking Lot for a quick prep and start of Trunk or Treat. Prizes will be awarded by the Town of Ocean City for the most unique parade entries.


Trunk or Treat will take place at the Inlet Parking Lot as the Drive in Disguise gets parked and set up. Drive in Disguise participants have the option of participating in this candy and treat give-away. The event is expected to begin at approximately 3:30pm and will last as long as the participants have treats to give – and it goes quickly. This event draws hundreds of costumed kids.

TRIMPER’S BARK IN THE PARK – Trimper Rides, South 1st Street

Following the Howl-O-Ween Pet Parade, bring your furry friends to Trimpers for more pet-friendly opportunities and vendors. Bark in the Park takes place on Saturday, October 23rd beginning at 3pm.

HALLOWEEN DRIVE-IN MOVIE “CASPER” – Located at the Inlet Parking Lot

When the sun sets, the big LED screen comes to life! Join us for an old fashion drive-in movie experience featuring “Casper”. We all know that friendly ghost! The movie will begin at 7:00pm. Audio will be local through speakers and available via FM transmission for your vehicle radio. Guests must still pay for parking in the Inlet Parking Lot using the on-site kiosks. Audio

For October 1 - October 31, 2021, Monday – Thursday parking is free. Friday – Sunday parking is $3.00/hour. Patrons must pay for expired time prior to leaving the Inlet Lot to avoid being billed for additional administrative costs.

THE GREAT PUMPKIN RACE – Located on the sand at North Division Street and the Boardwalk

The fun continues with “The Great Pumpkin Race” on Sunday October 24th on the Boardwalk. Build your own pumpkin race car to bring and compete in this wacky and zany side-by-side down-hill race. Plus there will be lots of room to watch these exciting races with live play-by-play by the event announcer.  Prizes will be awarded in each division as well as for creativity.  If you’re ready to start building your ghastly but spirited race car, download the complete event rules below. Registration and team check-in begins at 12noon with racing commencing at 1pm.

BIG TOYS ON THE BOARDWALK – Located on the boardwalk around the amusement pier and Inlet Parking Lot, 11am to 2pm

Here is an experience for the kid in all of us young or old. Ocean City will line the walkway around the amusement pier and overflow into the Inlet Parking Lot with vehicles to touch, climb in, take photos with and simply enjoy on Sunday, October 24th. This O.C.toberfest event, now entering its fourth year, frees imaginations to run wild in Ocean City. Kids of all ages are welcome to come to Ocean City’s Boardwalk and Inlet Lot to take the seat and feel what it’s like to sit behind the wheel of unique and awesome machines. The Town brings out their most unusual vehicles and is joined by friends with their big toys: construction equipment, emergency vehicles, muscle cars, race boats, and more - even a helicopter will be on site!

For more information or to display your toy, please call 410-250-0125.


HALLOWEEN SPOOK OUT PARTY – Northside Park Recreation Complex, 200 – 125th Street, Ocean City, bayside

Get your Halloween costume ready and join all the other goblins at the Halloween “Spook Out” Party. Participants of all ages, including parents will fill the Northside Park gym for carnival games, arts & crafts, hayrides and snacks! Costume contests will be scheduled throughout the event. Event hours are 1pm to 3pm on Sunday, October 24, 2021 (Rain date October 31). Price of Admission: A bag of individually wrapped candy per child. No preregistration is required.


MAYOR’S HALLOWEEN BIKE RIDE – South 1st Street and Trimper Rides back lot

Ocean City hosts its second annual Mayor’s bicycle ride on the Boardwalk. For 2021, the event brings out its Halloween gear. Decorate your bike, dress in costume, play Halloween music on the ride and show us your creative side! Join the Mayor of Ocean City and other casual enthusiasts for a late morning of family-friendly bicycle fun at South 1st Street and Trimper Rides, next to the inlet, beach and historic south end of the Boardwalk.

Register as a rider upon arrival and compete for prizes. You may even be chosen as the winner of a give-a-way while you are there. The event is free to riders for all ages so mark your calendar - October 31, 2021, 10:00am to 12:00pm. Registration and live DJ music begins at 9am with ride starting at 10am. Awards and prizes will be given away beginning at 11am.


All outdoor events are weather-dependent. Special Thanks to the Town of Ocean City, its Tourism Department Recreation and Parks Department and Special Events Department, Special Event Productions, Inc., TEAM Productions and the many Town departments, companies and individuals who contributed to making this year’s O.C.toberfest events a reality!

All O.C.Toberfest events are free thanks to the generous sponsorship by the Ocean City Mayor and City Council along with the Department of Tourism, the Tourism Advisory Board, the Hotel Motel Restaurant Association and Pit & Pub.  For more sponsorship opportunities and information please call 410-798-6304.


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