Endless Summer Cruisin

Ocean City Maryland
October 23-25, 2020

Giant Halloween Beach Maze

October 24th & 25th

On the beach at North Division Street

Open Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 10am-3pm (weather permitting)


FREE FAMILY FUN returns to Ocean City Maryland for the ninth annual O.C.Toberfest, October 23-25, 2020, social distanced style!  To kick off the weekend, Friday night, October 23rd, enjoy a spooktacular drive-in movie, featuring a Halloween themed movie.  More details coming soon!

Plus experience all the thrills of the giant Halloween Beach Maze October 24th & 25th!  Children of all ages, can enjoy a pleasant scream as they meander the sands of the giant, bigger and better than ever, beach maze! Wicked witches, pirates of the sand, scary scarecrows, ghouls in the graveyard, creepy clowns, zombies and more will add to the excitement. Please note that masks will be required to walk through the maze, and families will be allowed in one group at a time to ensure for a safe event for all.

Another event that will take place as part of the O.C.Toberfest events will be the “Howl-O-Ween Pet Parade” October 24th at 1pm on the boardwalk near North Division Street. Dress up your pets and parade the boards or sit back, relax and cheer for your favorite.  Lots of prizes and surprises will be awarded.  While the event is free to participate, donations of pet supplies and monetary donations will be collected for the Worcester Humane Society.  They might even have a few furry friends with them that are up for adoption!  Pre-registration is highly encouraged!  To register complete the application below and email to infoevent@specialeventpro.com.  Please note that facemasks for all human participants (and spectators) are required.

After the Pet Parade participants and spectators can sit back and watch the Drive and Disguise parade which features cars decorated for Halloween parading down the boardwalk.  The parade leaves 27th street at 3pm and goes south towards the inlet.  The decorated cars will stop on the boardwalk near North Division Street for Trunk or Treating!  For more information on the Drive in Disguise Parade visit www.ococean.com

Saturday evening bring a blanket to the beach near North Division Street, and make sure to sit 6 feet away from the nearest blanket, look up to the sky, and watch the Halloween fireworks! Or enjoy them from the balcony of your boardwalk front hotel! Fireworks begin at 7pm and will last approximately 10 minutes.

The fun continues with “The Great Pumpkin Race” on Sunday October 25th at 1pm on the Boardwalk near North Division street.  Build your own pumpkin race car to bring and compete in this wacky and zany side-by-side down hill race. Plus there will be lots of room to watch these exciting races.  Prizes will be awarded in each division as well as for creativity.  If you’re ready to start building your race car see complete rules below. Again masks will be required by all participants and spectators and pre-registration is highly encouraged.

All O.C.Toberfest events are free thanks to the generous sponsorship by the Ocean City Mayor and City Council along with the Department of Tourism, the Tourism Advisory Board and Pit & Pub.  For more sponsorship opportunities and information please call 410-798-6304. Please note the scheudle is subject to change.

The health and safety of everyone is our number one priority. Your assusitance in the following guidlines will help ensure everyone enjoys a safe and healthy Fall. Please stay at home if you feel sick, wash your hands frequenty, remain 6 feet apart from others and wear a face mask.

To limit contact, pre-registration for the Pet Parade and Pumpkin Race is highly encouraged.  Please email completed applications to infoevent@specialeventpro.com or mail to O.C.Toberfest, PO Box 616, Mayo MD 21106. 


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 Pumpkin Race Rules 2020 Pumpkin Race Application 2020 Pet Parade Application 2019 Pet Parade Winners   

OCtoberfest Gallery

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2019-pet-parade-little-girl-with-her-pig.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_24_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-skeleton-race-car.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_25_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfset-beach-maze_1_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_2_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfset-beach-maze_11_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_22_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_16_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfset-beach-maze_9_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_40_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_15_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfset-beach-maze_6_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_16_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfset-beach-maze_8_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_30_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_8_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_8_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfset-beach-maze_10_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfset-beach-maze_15_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_11_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_14_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_23_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_2_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfest-themed-cards_1_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_6_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_44_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_29_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_10_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_13_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_11_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_5_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_4_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_3_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_13_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_27_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_4_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfest-themed-cards_2_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_26_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfset-beach-maze_2_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_17_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_5_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_45_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_28_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_9_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_24_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_7_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_9_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_26_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfset-beach-maze_17_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_38_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfest-family-holding-a-pumpkin.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfset-beach-maze_4_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfset-beach-maze_5_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfset-beach-maze_16_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_22_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_39_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfest-themed-cards_3_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_1_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_36_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_25_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfset-beach-maze_7_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_30_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_18_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfset-beach-maze_14_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfset-beach-maze_3_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_1_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_20_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_21_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_27_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_29_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_6_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_28_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_37_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pet-parade-contestants-with-their-pet-and-costumes_12_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_12_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_34_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_32_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_33_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_31_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_7_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-pumpkin-race-race-cars_35_.jpgGallery Picture - 2019-o.c.toberfset-beach-maze_12_.jpg