Cruisin' Ocean City
October 8-9-10-11, 2020

Show Hours:

  • Thursday 9am-5pm
  • Friday 9am-5pm
  • Saturday 9am-5pm
  • Sunday (Inlet Only) 9am-3pm


  • Inlet Parking Lot (809 South Atlantic Ave)
  • Convention Center (4001 Coastal Highway)


  • $10/day Thursday & Sunday
  • $15/day Friday & Saturday
  • Children under 14 are free with an adult
  • (Tickets good at OCCC & Inlet )

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With 4 days of almost beautiful weather who would have thought we would see coastal flooding during Endless Summer Cruisin 2019.  This four day event featured over 2,000 Rods, Customs, Classics and Trick Trucks cruisin the streets.  While the main events took place at the oceanfront Inlet lot along the southern part of the boardwalk and the Ocean City Convention Center on 40th Street, there were various satellite locations throughout the city.  In addition there was plenty of entertainment, games, giveaways and so much more.

Live in Concert during Endless Summer Cruisin, THE DOO WOP PROJECT featuring current and former stars of Broadway’s smash hits Jersey Boys and Motown: The Musical took the stage of the Ocean City Performing Arts Center in front of a SOLD OUT crowd! These guys rocked the house with favorites by Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, The Four Seasons, Michael Jackson, Jason Mraz and Garth Brooks!  

In addition to Endless Summer Cruisin, Endless Summer Indoors took place at the OC Convention Center.  Some of the hottest show cars were on display along with a Vendor Showcase.  Kenny Keith's 64 Ford took home the Best in Show and Lovelle Mason's 68 Buick won for the spectator's choice.

Plus NEW this year, Cruisin Classic Auctions held a classic, muscle and collector car auction during Endless inside the OC Convention Center.  Lots of amazing cars went across the auction block and home to new owners.  For more information on what was sold visit CruisinClassicAuctions.com or call 410-871-8381.

Joinng the fun at Endless Summer Cruisin 2019 was Stacey David from the hit show Gearz and Amanda Martin from Iron Resurrection.  Fans enjoyed meeting both celebrities and they were so much fun to have at the event! 


One of the highlights of Endless Summer Cruisin is always the boardwalk parades. Parades took place Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings while cars cruised down the beautiful Ocean City Boardwalk. 

Friday night Ocean Downs Casino hosted a car show to benefit the American Cancer Society in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  All participants received a pink bracelet and slot play.  Over $1,200 was raised for the American Cancer Society.

Saturday evening at Trimpers Amusements the Inagural Pedal Car Show took place with 16 pedal cars and drivers ranging from 3 months to 5 years old. Awards were presented to the top 5 and miniature trophies and small fuzzy dice were presented to all participants!  Following the pedal car show the Neon & LED Car Show took place with the Dollar Makes a Difference fundraiser.  Close to $1,000 was raised for Boy Scout Troop 261. 

On Sunday the Grand Finale Car Show and Awards took place at the Beachside Inlet. Prior to the awards long time Endless Summer Cruisin participant Richard Hennen agreed to shave his head if $1,000 was raised for the American Cancer Society.  Not only was it met but it was surpassed and his head was shaved!  In addition the celebrity banner auction took place raising    close to $2,000 for regional and national charities.  Before Endless Summer Cruisin came to an end there were more than 400 trophies, plaques and awards presented plus over 2,000 giveaways.


We hope everyone had a great time at Endless Summer Cruisin 2019 and we look forward to seeing you back next year October 8-9-10-11, 2020.


It takes a tremendous amount of planning and coordination to stage an event of this size.  A special thanks goes out to many outstanding people and organizations including the Mayor and City Council, the Honorable Jim Mathias, Department of Public Works, OC Police Department and Allied Agencies, Hotel Motel Restaurant Association, Chamber of Commerce, Visitor’s Center, National Street Rod Association, Car Clubs throughout the Mid-Atlantic along with the Ocean City Business Community, especially 28th Street Pit & Pub, A-Stand Grill, Anglers Restaurant, Atlantic Hotel, Baja Amusements, Belly Busters, Bull on the Beach, Candy Kitchen, Commander Hotel, Carusos, Cowboy Coast, Crab Alley, Cruz-n Car Wash, Decatur Diner, Dough Roller, Dry 85, Ember’s Restaurant, Harrison’s Harbor Watch, Hooters, Marina Deck, OC Life-Saving Station, Ocean Downs Casino, Outlets Ocean City, Purple Moose, Red Red Wine Bar, Seacrets, Shenanigan’s, Snow Hill, Soriano’s, The Town of Berlin and Trimper Amusements for making Cruisin Ocean City Maryland one of the largest and most unique automotive events in the country.  And a very special thank you to all the awesome PARTICIPANTS and CAR CLUBS!


For more information please call #410-798-6304 or email:

Vendor info  Jacklyn@specialeventpro.com

Car Show info infoevent@specialeventpro.com

Sponsor info Sponsors@specialeventpro.com

Auction info info@cruisinclassicauctions.com



Maryland Motor Vehicle Law and the Town of Ocean City Ordinance state that no loud noise from a vehicle may be heard at a distance of 50 feet from the vehicle at any time.

The town of Ocean City has a trailer parking ordinance which prohibits trailer parking on city streets from May 1st – October 31st. Any Endless Summer Cruisin participants that will be parking a trailer on city streets will need a trailer parking permit. Trailer parking permits are $50 and can be purchased at the event or in advance by mailing in a permit application. Only registered Endless Summer Cruisin participants may purchase a trailer permit. Free trailer parking is available at the route 50 Park & Ride. When making your reservations please check with your hotel or condor to see if they provide trailer parking. Please click here to download the trailer permit application.

For additional OC ordinances please click here

Mark your calendars now!
October 8-9-10-11, 2020  

October 7-8-9-10, 2021



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While Cruisin around town make sure to turn your radio to The Wave 97.1 and Cool 101.3, the Official Stations of Endless Summer Cruisin!

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Photos Courtesy of Chuck Vranas

Endless Summer Gallery

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endless-summer-cruisin-kids.jpgGallery Picture - endless-summer-cruisin-oc-inlet-cars_1_.jpgGallery Picture - endless-summer-cruisin-oc-inlet-cars_2_.jpgGallery Picture - endless-summer-cruisin-oc-inlet-cars_3_.jpgGallery Picture - endless-summer-cruisin-oc-inlet-cars_4_.jpgGallery Picture - endless-summer-cruisin-oc-inlet-cars_5_.jpgGallery Picture - endless-summer-cruisin-oc-inlet-cars_6_.jpgGallery Picture - endless-summer-cruisin-oc-inlet-cars_7_.jpgGallery Picture - endless-summer-cruisin-oc-inlet-cars_8_.jpgGallery Picture - endless-summer-cruisin-oc-inlet-cars_9_.jpgGallery Picture - endless-summer-cruisin-oc-inlet-cars_10_.jpgGallery Picture - endless-summer-cruisin-oc-inlet-cars_11_.jpgGallery Picture - endless-summer-cruisin-oc-inlet-cars_12_.jpgGallery Picture - endless-summer-cruisin-oc-inlet-cars_13_.jpgGallery Picture - endless-summer-cruisin-oc-inlet-cars_14_.jpgGallery Picture - endless-summer-cruisin-oc-inlet-cars_15_.jpgGallery Picture - endless-summer-cruisin-oc-inlet-cars_16_.jpgGallery Picture - 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23rd Annual Endless Summer Cruisin'
October 8-9-10-11, 2020
Ocean City, MD


This event is open to Rods, Customs, Classics and Trick Trucks. Vehicles newer than 1976 must have custom modifications or be of special interest. All vehicles must be street legal (in the Ocean City Maryland) with current state tags, licensed and insured. No excessively loud exhaust systems or diesel engines. The Entry Fee includes Driver, 1 Passenger and Children under 14. Additional event passenger/guest passes may be purchased for $25 each in advance. (The entry fee minus processing fee is refundable with written request prior to July 1, 2020) You do not have to be present all 4 days to be eligible for trophies, event plaques, sponsor awards or merchandise give-aways. Parades will be restricted and limited based on car count and time restrictions. Activities are subject to change. Parking is limited at all locations. The police take a very active and pro safety role in this event. You must drive responsibly and obey the laws at all times. If you require additional information please call 410-798-6304 prior to the event.

Car shows, parades, entertainment and more. Dash Plaques to the first 2,000 participants. 

Personal Info

Vehicle Info

*Please note, all participants will be required to show vehicle registration at check in.

Oct 14, 2019 - Apr 30, 2020...$45

Guest Info

Payment Info

Your official confirmation number will be mailed to you in mid September.The exhibitor hereby applies to this event and will at all times comply with all rules, regulations and policies of the event producers. Neither Special Event Productions, Inc., the Town of Ocean City, producers, sponsors, support personnel or anyone else connected with the presentation of this event shall be responsible or liable for any loss, injury or damage incurred. In consideration of this entry, entrant agrees to the use of their name, photo and/or vehicle photo for publicity and/or advertising. Any poor behavior, irresponsible driving and/or conduct deemed objectionable to the event's well being may result in participant being denied any further involvement in the event and/or future events. All participants are responsible for their own proper insurance. Event credentials are non-transferable without written permission of event management. Schedule/activities are subject to change.

I Agree to the Terms and Conditions above*