Cruisin' Ocean City

Meet the Sculptors

daniel sculptor

Daniel Belcher - St Louis, MO

Daniel has been sculpting for 23 years. He has traveled throughout Australia, Japan, China, Italy, and the Middle East sculpting. He is the three-time winner of the solo World Championship in China.


patrick sculptor

Patrick Harsch - Clearwater, FL

Patrick has been sculpting for 18 years. He has traveled to Asia, the Middle East and Europe to sculpt. He has won the Bermuda Open and Sugar Sand Invitational. Patrick enjoys creating time lapse and stop motion photography with sand.



Benjamin Probanza - Acapulco, Mexico

Benjamin has been sculpting for 16 years. He has placed in contests in Spain, China, Singapore, Holland, and the United States. He is accomplished in stop-motion short films, live shows of drawings of sand and light, and short films using these techniques.



Larry Hudson - Tampa FL

Larry has been sculpting for 19 years. He has traveled to Africa, Asia, and Europe sculpting. Larry has won the Bermuda Open